Thursday, August 25, 2016

I LOVE this shower head by PowerSpa! The 7 setting feature is amazing and it has a groovy little on and off switch. And being a girly girl sometimes, it was nice that It was also very easy to install which is a BIG plus in my book. The hand shower can be used as an overhead or handheld, whichever way you use this hand shower it will provide you the best shower experience. It's strong & sturdy and has a good firm grip handle. It's better than the regular shower head I have, which I threw my old one out immediately after receiving this hand shower. Perfect after those long hot summertime days at the beach!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I feel so fancy! This is the coolest tea infuser I've ever seen from Monocle Tea Products. I love everything about this gorgeous thang ! Let's start with how stunning it is and very well made. This is quality. it's so easy to use and easy to clean up. I think the double glass is one of the best features, no burns! And the lid is also really neat. Nice wood and screws on very tight with zero leaks. Nice large strainer and you can take this on the go with you pretty much anywhere that allows glass. The glass to thick and not thin and cheap feeling. I don't feel like this would break easily at all. This would be great as a gift idea peeps! I love it for brewing up some sweet cool fruit tea for the Summertime!

In looooove with this stunning AOMIKE Real Dandelion Seed Necklace Pendant - very unique with it's delicate sphere filled with sweet little dandelion seeds. The chain on this piece is really nice quality too, not cheap looking at all and I love that it goes with most outfits whether you're dressed up or dressed casual. This would make a darling gift too. I adore all the compliments I get when I wear it. <3

I had gotten these lights to go in my netting over my hammock outside for when I sit out and enjoy the summer breeze, but... My cats had other ideas! They promptly began to tear it up the netting and so I had to move it indoors and thought it would look so cute and warm over the bed. It does! And it also creates a sweet romantic vibe for me and my hunny or provides warm lighting for when I just want to curl up and read a book. Go get you some OxyLED Dimmable LED String Lights Wire Lights for Garden, Patio, Party, Indoor & Outdoor Decoration!

Monday, May 9, 2016

One of my new Summertime Favs that I got for my hammock outside was this beautiful Naturals® Mosquito Net and I was just too excited and as soon as it came in the mail I went right out and put it up... well to my dismay my many cats decided this was thier new plaything and promptly started to try and shred it. So, I immediately took it down and pondered where I could hang this beauty where it wouldn't suffer any damage and I myself had always wanted a romantic canopy bed and so thought it a brilliant idea to hang it up over our bed and I was right! I love how it looks and gives my whole room a more romantic vibe. And those pesky kitty's also like to make holes in our screens and so when we have our windows open to enjoy that SoCal breeze flies get in and drive me bananas during the night and this net 100% helps that. And I love the cute little bows that ring the top. Just totes adorbs!


Thursday, May 5, 2016

I love to go on Summertime picnics with my hunny or maybe take in a outdoor movie or go to the beach and sometimes I like to bring a bottle of vino with me for good measure. And I just adore this new and creative Ozeri 5-Piece Wine Bottle Corkscrew & Accessory Set I got to tote everything around in.
It has really strong magnets for keeping it shut and it fits well into any wine rack and it just looks super classy when revealing the accessories. And everything is super well made and high quality. 
A perfect gift for any wine aficionado!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

So! After the spring cleaning I did & getting all ready for summer, it was time to ditch the warm flannel sheets for something a bit cooler, but, I didn't want to lose any softness so I was super excited to get these amazing Beckham Hotel Collection® Luxury Soft Brushed Microfiber 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set Deep Pocket to fit my sweet cal king. I was brave and got the burgundy even though I have dogs that shed and whom my hunny lets up on the bed at night all the time. But they are just so rich looking and made with microfiber so super soft and they never get too warm. And the fact that they are fade, shrink, stain and wrinkle resistant is groovy but the other fact that these have a LIFETIME guarantee on them is amazing!